Steel Tubes

Round Tubes

Round Tubes (19mm to 115mm)

Square Tubes

Square Tubes (15mm to 80mm)

Rectangular Tubes

Rectangular Tubes (25mm to 80mm)

Steel Bars

Round Reinforcement Steel Bars

Reinforcement/ Deformed Steel (6mm to 32mm)

Round Steel Bars

Round Bars (6mm to 25mm)


Stronger & Thicker Channel Bars

Channel Iron (76 x 38, 100 x 50, 127 x 64, 152 x 76)

Angled Bars

Angled Iron (25mm to 80mm)

Flat Bars

Flat Bars (20mm to 100mm)

Lipped Channel Bars

Lipped Channel Bars (75mm to 150mm)

Window Section Bars

F7 Window Section Bars

F7 Window Section Bars (F7, Fx7)

F7 Window Section Bars

F7 Window Section Bars (T6, T13)

Sheets & Plates

Aluminium Checkered Plates

Aluminium Checkered Plates (1.5mm)

Coloured Roofing Sheets

Coloured Chromadek Roofing Sheets (Green, Blue, Maroon, Grey | 0.4mm only)

Flat Sheets

Flat Sheets (0.4mm to 16mm)

Non Coloured Roofing Sheets

Non Coloured IBR Roofing Sheets (0.25mm to 0.5mm)

Mesh Wire

Mesh Wire

Mesh Wire (Diamond, S193, Bedmesh, 25 x 25 & 50 x 50, Gridmesh)